Sheila Carter


Sheila Carter


Middle Aged


Series 2 Episode 1,2,4 and 5

Sheila Carter is a main character in Series 2.

Desription Edit

Sheila Carter is a really strict, scottish woman who highly disapproves of other people attiude and actions, then with no warning farts extremely loud and makes and excuse of discomfort.

Sheila appears in the introduction of seris 2 and 3 (even though she does not appear in 3), but is replaced by Geordie Georgie in the Christmas special.

Sketches Edit

   Episode       Setting                     Description                             Excuse:

1               funeral car       Sheila tries to respect the deceased by demanding silence.  "I'm sorry, would you mind moving down, it's very crampted in here?"
2     taxi Sheila asked the taxi driver to put away the air freshener and turn off the music. "It's very cold in here, could you put your heating on?"
4 church confession stand The Priest tells her to let go all of her problems, but she takes it a different way.  "I'm sorry, it's very stuffy in here. I'm going to came back later." 
5 cinema Sheila founds other people's noises disruptive and can't watch the film. "Have you been eating garlic?".