Jill is a character in Series 1.

Jill the Clown




Trainee clown


Series 1, Episode 5

Desription Edit

Jill is a female clown in training who was previously involved in a car accident.
While in practicing the basics, she associates her experiences with the various jokes involved.

Jokes and Experiences

Joke:            Experience:
Tripping  Jill claims they found her in this position.
Present herself after a trick  Jill complains of whiplash.
Surprising herself with a horn. Jill believes if they had a horn like that, she might have heard them. 
Costume: Her Wig Jill might have seen them.
Squirty Flower Reminds her of the flowers tied to a tree.
Bucket confetti. Jill claims it reminds her of shattered windscreen.
Jill also paints the face of girl into a victim and makes a balloon into a noose.