Catherine Tate's Nan is a spin-off series and follow up to The Catherine Tate Show and Nan's Christmas Carol. The series follows Joanie Taylor 'Nan' and her antics around "her community". Catherine Tate and Matthew Horne appear in all 3 episodes, reprising their roles of Nan and Jamie respectively. Niky Wardley also appears in every episode; each time playing a different character.

A pilot episdode was broadcast 4 January 2014. The BBC commissioned two further specials shown in December 2015. Plans for a full series have been granted.

Characters Edit

  • Joanie Taylor - Catherine Tate
  • Jamie - Matthew Horne Nan's grandson
  • Steve - Richard Standling an "extremely fat man" and neighbor of Nan (2 episodes)

 Episodes Edit

Pilot episodeEdit

Nan (first broadcast 4 January 2014)

Joanie causes trouble with the council when getting them to fix her taps. A schoolgirl called Alice is assigned to Mrs Taylor by the "Young and Old Buddy Up Foundation". Jamie is forced back from Africa after his nan feigns a heart attack.

  • Niky Wardley character: Miss Donelly
  • 4.47 million viewers

2015 Specials Edit

Billed online as "Series 1".

Nanger Management (first broadcast 27 December 2015)

Joanie is sent to a community run Anger Management course where she causes more trouble than gains help.

  • Niky Wardley character: Samantha
  • 3.14 million viewers

Knees Up Wilmott-Brown (first broadcast 30 December 2015)

Charles Wilmott arrives on the estate with the intention of developing the flats than Joanie lives into luxury apartments. She accompanies Jamie to a meeting of her neighbors and fellow protesters and immediately takes over operations. After an embarrassing appearance on TV, she is banned from the community hall by the protest leader, Lorna. Wilmott cancels the development after learning his biological mother also lived in the estate; and Joanie takes credit for saving the day.

  • Niky Wardley character: Lorna
  • 2.97 million viewers

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