Ally is a main character in Series 2.




Late 20s




Series 2, Episode 1,3,6 and the 2005 Christmas special.


Catherine Tate

Desription Edit

The scene takes place at a party where tactless Ally meets a new person and offends them, even though she doesn't mean to. 
When she finds out what she has done she mutters "Yeah, oh, god, no" or tries to change the conversation by pretending someone has spoken to her, sometimes she sings a song before running away. The people she offends are :

  • a woman who has hairs on her cheak and thinks it was a stray one
  • a man who sutters that she thought was rapping
  • a man with a birthmark that she thought was left by his hat
  • a woman with a cleft palate who Ally impersonates, thinking she was just in a silly mood.
  • a couple that Ally assumed was mother and son.
  • a deaf man who she thought was playing charades (forsing her to apologise in sign language)
  • a man with an afro that she thought was a hat

Behind the scenes Edit

Catherine Tate has stated that out of all the characters in the show, she is most like Ally.