The Aga saga woman is a main character since series 2.  She is often seen in classic mishaps encountered by everyday people, though she perceives them to be a greater threat than they are, ie. she once begged a mechanic not to kill her and her family because of his inner-city mannerisms, his approach to proffer the key to a courtesy car appearing alien to the family of well-to-do private-school educated affluent executives.

In another episode, she alarmed other parents and children at an egg and spoon race, creating a Jaws-like atmosphere, causing parent and child alike to flee for their lives after she gazed down to find the carton of eggs to be "economy value" and screeching "Stop! It's the eggs, they're not organic!"

A third pandemonium ensued after the Aga Saga woman took a "wrong turn" and ended up in Tottenham, terrified of the locals and panicking uncontrollably at a car washer brandishing a bucket of water and sponge.